Renewable Green Energy


Hi, thank you for visiting my Web site.  The information that you will find here can be found if you spend hours every day searching the internet and other media.  I am spending my time searching for interesting stories and articles concerning Sustainable Green Energy projects that are affordable for the average person besides new and big projects on the horizon so that you don't have to.  If you think that any article or story is a hoax or fraud, please let me and our members know about it.  I am very passionate about moving to real Green Energy and I don't want any fraudster getting in the way of this Web Site helping people think and go Green.

On this Web Site the Idea is not to get too technical at first.  We want to give you ideas in the broad strokes and maybe something will inspire you to dig deeper into a project of your own.  Please take your time and take a look at every page on this Web Site to find the articles that really appeal to you.  Knowledge is power and Green Power is what we need.  If just one of these projects inspires you, I feel that my job has been accomplished.

I am still nervous talking about the 3 Green Projects I started a little over 30 years ago or should I say tried to start, but here we go with some of the story, even after all of this time, I still must be careful:

I know first hand how powerful Big Energy and the Government is.  Even with the help of a high ranking politician we were shut down in the early stages of our Green development.  The politician  had been threatened to make sure we were shut down.  A gentleman that we were working with had a large farm and was running his home, vehicles including tractors, on Green Energy.  The State and County Police Departments clamped down on him at the same time and told him they would impound his Green Energy Motor Home, car or any other vehicle that he put onto county roads and he would go to jail as well.
Now if that doesn't show you how powerful the special interests are I don't know what would.  I was very young back then and quite frankly, my partner and I were looking over our shoulders for a long time afterwards.  I had a wife and children to worry about at the time.  I'm still a bit nervous but have had enough of hearing the lies about how Green Energy can't work!
The power of the internet and the information age is shedding light into the dark crevices where the very greedy power hungry and dangerous people are hiding. 

The internet is another topic, which I would like to speak about at another time, however I must mention, that these same Powerful people behind the scenes are pushing governments all over the World to start taxing the Internet which is supposed to be the Free Forum for the exchange of ideas.  This is extremely dangerous because the free exchange of information, education and ideas is what keeps us from becoming ignorant slaves.  This is all about feeding us lies over an internet they hope to control someday under the guise that they are trying to protect us.

This is me at my Computer 24 Hours a day.... Well it seems like it at 16 hours and my PC is really 2 17" Laptops.  I'm a little older as well LOL.  I'm just an ordinary guy trying to do my small part in pushing for Renewable Energy & cleaning up the environment.  We've had the technology for a long time and it gets better everyday.  There is no excuse for not  being further ahead in Renewables except for Big oil & Big Energy Greed.

I Order YOU to go out and Smash the INTERNET!!!