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The Video Oil Companies Hate Part 1

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The oil and utility companies would like us to believe we are totally dependant on them for energy and are doomed without them.  This Website is on a journey to dispel that myth. I hope the Video above will open your eyes to the possibilities of using green energy not in years or months to come but today!  To watch Part 2 of the video above click the gold button below the video.  Renewable energy has been around in many forms for millions of years and we are just starting to get a little serious about exploring the possibilities now. 

It is unfortunate that many good technologies have been suppressed for years because it is in the best interests of Big Energy to keep things quiet.  If you want to know why there are gross inefficiencies in the world energy business just follow the money.  If you control or have a monopoly on energy, you can control supply and demand.  Lower the supply, the price goes up. Simple mathematics!  It is so uncomplicated yet people in the United States and the World don't seem to get it even in this day and age. 

You are probably thinking what can I do?  Plenty!  If this new Website isn't deleted by the Big Energy Special Interests, we are going to explore the many solutions to our energy crises that are available right now and many for free or next to it!  Now watch the Video above if you want your eyes opened to one solution.  Remember, Big Government is not the answer.  We need to take the question of Green Energy into our own hands and become more self reliant.

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Evektor SportStar EPOS
An All Electric Airplane...What?

What do you think of an All Electric Plane that has a 1 hour Flight Range and works only on Battery Power?  It's Max Speed is 260 Km/h or 161.56mph.  That's not to shabby for a Plane that doesn't use carbon fuel.  To find out more about the Plane, Click on the Photo.
The New Aspid SS Sport!
A Car that Runs on Fuel From Thin Air?

Air Fuel Synthesis (AFS) has found a way to create synthetic fuel from water and CO2 from the air around us. To read more click Photo of the Aspid SS Sports car on the left.

*  DO YOU LIKE CONSPIRACY THEORIES?  Rudolf Diesel invented the Diesel Engine in the late        1800's and it was designed to run on peanut oil or vegetable oil.  He mysteriously disappeared         while on the Steamship Dresden traveling to England.  Did Big Oil have a hand in this?  Read

    The Story:  Rudolf Diesel Click Here.  

    What do you think really happened to Rudolf Diesel?  Why is it that mysterious things happen         to people who have invented radical new concepts in Energy Technology in the past?  They             suddenly disappear and many times their inventions vanish as well?

For those of you out there that think that it is obvious by now, Green Energy is our future, and needs to be nurtured, to help it grow just like a flower seedling, it appears you would be wrong!
As I am writing this right now, people are trying to sabotage and push back the ground we have gained in the fight to do the right thing and save our Planet's resources with Renewable Energy.
We must be more vigilant and not let our guard down as in the example of Arizona trying dismantle Solar Power gains.  Go to the Tweet below and if what they are doing disturbs you enough, make your voice heard in Arizona,  even if you don't live there.  Tweet about it, blog about it, email politicians in Arizona and tell them this is not right.  What happens there can happen anywhere if we do nothing!
   * If you would like to learn about some more Vanishing technology watch the video below about          the Nitinol Heat Machines from the early 70's.  If after watching the video your blood isn't boiling,      you need to back to sleep!
If a little guy in a home garage can make this, what are all the big car makers doing in all their giant labs?  What have all the Detroit automakers been doing? Watch the video below to be amazed at what a backyard mechanic can do.
Guess who is stopping the safe storage of Hydrogen for automobiles.  Hint, it isn't Big Oil directly. There is a material that makes storing Hydrogen in tanks at low pressure safer than gasoline.  You might be surprised to find out it's a bunch of hypocrites that say they want us to have the cheapest and most reliable Green Eenergy sources that have made this material against the law to purchase in the United States.  You must watch the Video below "Who's Killing the Hydrogen Car?" to the end to find out who is the biggest obstacle to real Green Cars.  This may give you heartburn to see who is impeding progress, so get the antacids ready.

Why not have some fun making this cheap Homemade Air Conditiner Below:
If you have the money and property to experiment on why not make your own Biodiesel? 
Use it yourself, give it away, or sell it to friends and neighbors or......I am only hypothesizing and must say my suggestions are for entertainment purposes only.  We don't want to get in trouble with Big Brother. Check the information on the Website below
This needs to be taught in schools NOW!!
The Podcast below with Jack Lifton being interviewed is a bit of an eye opener regarding the technology we take for granted today.  The iPhone, (Kids say they will die if they don't have one to text on), iPads, iPods, computers, Electric Cars, electricity generating equipment, whether Green or Conventional, DEPEND ON RARE EARTH METALS!!  You have to listen to the show to understand the implications of how Demand can outstrip supply if something isn't done very soon!  Do you think kids today know anything about 2 tin cans and a string to talk on if Rare Earth Metals can't keep up the pace?
Listen to internet radio with The Organic View on Blog Talk Radio

I wish I hadn't seen this Electric Bike! Now I want One!! You have to check out the video and Info on this Bike, It is Super Cool!

Do you want to do something REALLY GREEN and HEALTHY for YOU?  Take a look at this very simple solution to growing your own GMO and Pesticide Free Food with Aquaponics.  It's a very simple starter program which you can expand on later when you get the hang of it.

People are always asking me, what can I do to help the environment?  Well, why not Recondition Old Batteries?  Save the Planet 1 Battery at a time and  make some money while doing it. It's a win win, right?  So what are you waiting for, check it out.


Did you hear about Energy By Water? It’s amazing. It’s the latest innovation in the field of power generation. Do you need to power your house? Are you looking for a cheap source of electricity? Energy By Water is the perfect solution for you. It will give sufficient power to power your entire house and it’s cheap. You just need to install it once. You won’t need to pay for any charges or bills, no matter how much electricity you use up. It’s completely free to use. This might Blow your Mind!! You don't need to be near a river or Stream!!

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Read the article below and see if you really believe Big Oil the next time you hear them say:

"We are spending Billions on Renewables."  Look at the percentage of the money they are spending on Dirty Energy Exploration compared to Green Energy.  It is beyond shocking!!

How do those Oil execs sleep at night?...Quite well  I guess, because they honestly don't care about you!

The article below about using sugar cane strikes close to home.  I tried to start projects like this in the United States in the late 70's using sugar beats, but was blocked by Government and Big Oil.  Read how Brazil thumbs their nose at OPEC and Big Oil.  You will see how the U.S. Gov. has been playing games with us and sucking up to the Oil Lobby.  What's it gonna take for the Public to wake up?

Look at Net energy yield for various crops Chart in article below.  Sugar cane yields the highest value. Switchgrass is still better than corn!! See article below: